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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@kiwi.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: Arrrrg!
Date Sat, 11 Sep 1999 22:13:34 GMT
>But the real problem is that emacs-style was not where it used to be,
>and CVS no longer knew about it _at all_ (as far as I could see), so I
>couldn't check the history to find out where it had moved to.

Sorry, but that was unavoidable -- it was at the top-level of the
old tree, which had to go away.  I did say in my messages that it
was moved to src/docs, which seemed a much more appropriate location.

>> It is in /home/fielding/moot, and no I am not going to bring it back
>> at this point.
>That's not what I meant, actually, I meant -D, but like I say, that was
>even older than I thought. Its history was also mangled (i.e.
>nonexistent) in the new repository, though, which doesn't help.
>I thought the whole point of this move was to make the history more

I did the best that I could -- most of the history doesn't even
appear in the old tree, since files were moved around after the
changes were made, and most of the changes were pre-CVS.  I think
you will find that the history that exists in the new repository
to be far more useful in terms of change sets than what was in the
old repository, and it extends cleanly back to APACHE_1_3_9.

>Though now you mention it, being able to look at the old 2.0 history
>might have helped. So, why aren't you bringing it back?

I meant that I won't swap the repositories again -- people are working
at a good pace on the new one.  The old repository is still available
by doing a 

   cvs -d checkout apache-2.0

which has all of the old history (what little there is) available.


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