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From "Bill Jones" <>
Subject Re: (new/old) idea of resolving
Date Tue, 07 Sep 1999 18:45:38 GMT
Recently, people were wondering about looking up other people IP Addr:

>> I know that resolving of IP address is time consuming and thats why
>> there is option to switch online resolving off and resolve addresses
>> later. But later
>> there is much less chance to resolve address at all.
>> What about write some background process with responsibility of writing
>> logs
>> and resolving IP addresses in them on background?
>> any problem?
> Not long ago Salvador Ortiz posted a script to the mod_perl list that does
> just that. See

Writing a small perl script to read a log and print who's IP is who's is
easy, but that won't tell you who accessed via another proxy and it won't
tell you who is who when they are 'IP masq'ed' or using Network Translation
behind there firewall. (Or worse using 'FTP bounce' to access sites...)

All you could hope for the the upstream provider of the visitor.

$0.02 worth,
-Sneex-  :]

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