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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Memory allocation (controversial)
Date Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:32:54 GMT
Oh learned and guru-type people of the ASF,

I'm sure this will result in some flames, but here goes anyhow...

OK, so the ongoing discussion is interesting, but it seems to be going round
in circles...

Maybe I'm sticking my nose in where it shouldn't be, but it strikes me we
should at the beginning (or at least where I think the beginning is/was/used
to be/etc)

APR was developed to provide a platform independent library upon which
Apache can sit.  APR now incorporates the memory management stuff as it was
brought over with a lot of the other ap_ functions.  The question in my mind
is have we paused to consider if this is still the best way of
allocating/cleaning up memory for -2.0?  If there is a different way of
doing things, should we look at it now before APR gets too much older?  I
don't mean simply should we change the structures like this and then call
them that,  I mean we should re-examine and spell out what we want from our
memory management?

BTW I happen to think that a lot of the memory management stuff in Apache
already works well and am not trying to say "let's rip it all out and start
over", just asking if some rational debate on the subject would be a good
idea at this point in time.

It would be nice to have a single set of calls that could use malloc,
pre-allocated memory blocks, mmap whatever as required with no need for the
user to know/care.  The CZone stuff that Tony pointed out looks interesting
if unfinished.  There must be other people out there with work that's

Shouldn't we spend a bit of time looking at these now and considering if the
way we do things presently is the best way for -2.0?  If we conclude that it
is, great!  If not, then at least we've got a new starting point.

I realise that the stuff in -1.3 was developed over a long period, but -2.0
isn't -1.3 and as a lot has already changed maybe we should consider this as


Just my thoughts on it, so if you think this is stupid/pointless just ignore
it :-)


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