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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: [PHP-DEV] More on the error under FreeBSD 2.2.8/A-1.3.8/PHP3.0.12
Date Thu, 12 Aug 1999 01:38:56 GMT
> > That would certainly make my job easier.  Although I can just wrap an MMN
> > check around it.  
> > 
> The more I look, I don't think MMN was bumped. It _is_ an API
> change, and I'm guessing that it's likely other modules use
> it. Of course, the use of ap_puuencode is more consistant with
> other pool-related functions... Tough call. I think it's something
> that Apache should address though, even if it's just some
> more detailed docs about the API change.
> My preference: ap_uuencode -> ap_uuencode_base64 (or whatever)
>                ap_puuencode -> ap_uuencode (back to how it was)

I really don't care, but I do insist on an MMN bump for this change.  If
none was made, I'd like to flex my meager influence ask that 1.3.8 doesn't
go out without an MMN bump for this change.


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