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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Apache 2000, err Apache 2.0 gets real
Date Sun, 01 Aug 1999 14:50:02 GMT
> Sure, look at this: For the DSO situation we currently use a different
> approach for building inside and outside the source tree. Ideally each Apache
> 2.0 module should be able to build under both environments and there should be
> no difference for the author and end user. But both environments are
> different.  With a plain Autoconf configure script we get into trouble.  There
> you need a little bit of wrapper code (not more than a few KB of shell script)
> which for instance knows paths, knows how to load a global config.cache, etc.
> can provide a reasonable user interface here which shadows the environment
> differences _BOTH_ to the end user _AND_ to the Autoconf scripts in the
> background.

For the DSO build outside the tree I figured we could keep using the apxs
approach.  The automake/libtool setup would generate the apxs script as
part of its normal duties and thus each module would have an apxs
build-rule which would tke care of the build-outside-of-tree issue.
Obviously nothing special is needed for the in-tree builds.
automake/libtool can completely handle this without any additional
wrappers needed.


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