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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Why bother with APR?
Date Sun, 29 Aug 1999 19:42:47 GMT

> 	So instead, how about splitting APR out into two
> libraries such that the feature set of APR ( md5, pools,
> contexts etc) sits on top of a general purpose cross platform
> lib? At this stage it wouldnt be a huge effort since the
> bulk of the apache feature set is in sperate code to the
> actual cp parts. Add to that, it could be done as a low priority
> background task that would be completely transparent to
> current APRizing effort.

What would you suggest putting in the general cross platform lib?  I
personnaly think our time would be better spent implementing different
ways to do things in apr.  For example, implementing memory allocation
using malloc/free instead of pools.  And getting these options into
autoconf.  But then, I don't really understand what you are proosing.
Could you please specify what you envision being in each portion of APR?

> 	Anyways, I must credit you sir, you have done a bloddy
> good job of apr. I must appologise if I have caused you in any
> way to feel that there is no future for apr. As it stands, the
> structure of APR does lend itself well to both jobs and it will
> have a firm place in the Apache web server, as well as many
> other projects to come.

Nobody caused me to feel there was no future for APR.  I did have some
serious questions about the future of APR in apache.  Those have been
resolved for me.  Now, it's just a question of doing it the right way.  :)


Ryan Bloom               
6209 H Shanda Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27609		Ryan Bloom -- thinker, adventurer, artist,
				     writer, but mostly, friend.

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