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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject 1.3.9 announcement text
Date Tue, 17 Aug 1999 12:49:20 GMT
> > Have a look at the apache_1.3.9/Announcement file : it spells out
> > __version 1.3.6__ all over the place!

Here's some text that could be spliced into a new Announcement file or for
the announce email (just remove all the apacheweek URLs)

Main new features in 1.3.9

There have been a number of updates and fixes to the Windows version of
Apache.  These include performance increases, logging improvements, the
correct handling of restarts, and the ability to run multiple copies of
Apache as services.

Notable changes since Apache 1.3.6 include:

- A New Mass virtual hosting module making it easy to have sites with
  many hundred (or thousand) virtual hosts.  Other changes to
  the Documentroot checking speed up sites with many virtual

- Support for XML 1.0.  Although XML is not currently used within the
  core of Apache, a number of add-on modules will find this useful

- Alterations to mod_autoindex to allow the readme and header files
  to be determined by multiviews or even be server-parsed documents

- Changes to the directive "SetEnvIf" to allow it to test
  environment vaiables as well as the request protocol

- Support for Mac OS (version 10)

- Lots of work on DSO support for various platforms   

- New directive to allow mod_usertrack to customise the tracking
  cookie name

- Add "force-no-vary" envariable to allow servers to work around
  clients that choke on "Vary" fields in the response header.

- Make {Set,Unset,Pass}Env per-directory instead of per-server.

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