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From Ryan Bloom <>
Subject Re: Why bother with APR?
Date Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:41:12 GMT

Ok, I am mostly convinced that there is still room for APR in Apache.
This is what I was really looking for, a road map so that I knew what to
code.  Here is what I would like to do with APR to start with:

context becomes: 
    ap_pool_t *pool
    void *user_data
In the future this may expand to have more memory allocation schemes in
it, or perhaps other data, but right now, this is the important stuff.  I
still like the contet idea, especially after Dean's message yesterday that
we may want multiple allocation schemes in the same server.

I would like some ffedback to this design.  I like the user data.  It lets
us put all the user data in a common place in all of our structures.  I
think the very fact that most of the Apache structures have a place for
user_Data, even if it isn't called that, is proof that having this
attached to the memory allocator is a good thing.

Once APR is re-worked/re-designed, I will re-create the context change if
it is required.

I would also like to get some feedback here.  It was always assumed, that
APR would do most of the allocation.  If people would rather leave memory
allocation/management out of APR, and have the user allocate any memory
and passs that into APR, and have APR use malloc when necessary, please
say so this weekend.  I would like to have APR back to a usable state on


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