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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: IOL and send_fb
Date Sun, 15 Aug 1999 22:38:04 GMT

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Ben Laurie wrote:

> BTW, this although we've managed to slide past it this time, I do have
> this feeling of impending doom wrt to poll/select and IOL.

anything which relies on poll/select isn't portable... we just barely
squeak by as it is on NT don't we?  for async stuff we want some other
abstraction i think -- one which works for completion ports on NT and for
poll/select on unix (or /dev/poll on solaris, or io signals on linux, or
even async i/o on VMS :). 

one possibility is eventlib, which comes with bind (i used it ages ago for
one of my prototypes)... but the ISC guys say to wait a bit -- they're
working on a portable library (with NT and unix ports) which will do this
sort of stuff, and support SMP/multithreading.  i'll probably do the first
crack of the async stuff using eventlib though, because i don't want to
wait for the new library (and it doesn't sound hard to switch later).

oh the other problem with poll/select on IOL is that you can't ask an
arbitrary layer for a selectable object and hope to get something which
always works... at best you need to ask a layer for a set of poll masks
which it is interested in.  whereas with something like eventlib, the
layer can register its own events... 


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