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From Cliff Skolnick <>
Subject Re: release TAG
Date Mon, 02 Aug 1999 00:33:42 GMT

There is also a problem with docroot as generated by the bininstall scripts.
It's a valid docroot ("htdocs"), does not generate an error upon server
initialization, but will generate a 404 for any file accessed.  I've finally
managed to get the demo licenses keys out of my sun C compiler and get my
real keys installed, !@#$%^& licensing.  I think Dirk also noticed the
problem also.

I don't think we should ship until this is fixed, either for real or worked
around by using an absolute path name instead of a relative one for


On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:
> > 
> > Dear Ken, dear release manager,
> :-)  1.3.7's a no-show, so we need a new RM for 1.3.8.  I
> suspect no-one will let me near the job for a couple of
> years, willingness notwithstanding. :->
> > Can I do some commits (tenon stuff, SHA1 and cookie fixes) which
> > should not immediately go into release?
> We're in 1.3.8-dev now.  I guess the question we need to answer
> is: "Do we just want to fix Ken's bogopatch in 1.3.7 in order
> to create/release 1.3.8, or do we want to put in stuff we
> didn't manage to get in before the 1.3.7 deadline and give
> 1.3.8 that much more featureful longevity whilst we work on
> 2.0?"
> I don't have an answer, personally; I see value in both.
> -- 
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