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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Win 95 and 98. "more portable"
Date Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:21:10 GMT

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Ryan Bloom wrote:

> The argument that young developers don't have access to a Unix machine is
> bogus.  Everybody has access to a Linux box, just as easily as they have
> access to a 95/98 box.

Damn, does that mean I have to newfs my freebsd machines pronto ? But
seriously, with the provisions you are making, dropping some level
of support for W95 and W98 seems reasonable.

But.. by dealing with them differently, does it mean that we effectively
now have trippled the hardship for the M$ platforms. At the moment
building the W32 version is already a pain.. you have to click'n'drag for
some 15 to twenty minutes rather than just run At least at my
place it is a minutes jobs to get 5 unix platforms done; whilst even
looking at the W32 requires a phisical presense at the machine, etc, etc.

Having three of such issues seems quite a burden. Randy, as you are the
persons who have suffered most recently from the build fest, does this
make sense or am I way of the mark. Or is this hardship just something we
can solve ? And it becomes as simple as making sure some hardware is
inplace; like with all the other builds.


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