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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject patching the sha1/md5/base64 things into 2.0
Date Sun, 08 Aug 1999 21:10:08 GMT

Just to rationalize/clean whilst having a chance; whilst patching in the
base64 and sha1 things into 2.0 I'd like to do replace the current base64
to64() encoding in ap_mda5.c (used only for our private 'hack' of the
password when crypt() is not there)


by the more standard/mime-ish


Which is used in various other places for the uudecoding of passwd
strings, sha1, MD5's etc. And which is now in ap_base64.c

Would anyone object, or did I miss something crucial ?

Secondly; as this will break things anyway; would anyone be offended
if we made our own MD5 style passwd the default, even if crypt() is
on the platform (we still would accept crypt(), like in the last re-
hack I did on ap_checkpass.c based on non-prefix).

This would make us 'more' compatible between unix/us, windows and some of
the cripled unix-es you find in europe (e.g. my SunOs machine here ;-).

Please shout ?! I know these are small changes, but there are so many
things I'd like to rationalize before 2.0 starts to be carved in stone
and becomes a 'beta'.


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