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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject ap.h cleansing / modularizing
Date Sun, 08 Aug 1999 20:06:14 GMT

Whilst having the change for 2.0 to hapily break things,

Would it be a worthwhile efford to split up/clean out


and remove the various declarations for all the ap/ap*.c

ap_base64.c ap_checkpass.c ap_cpystrn.c ap_execve.c ap_execve.o
ap_fnmatch.c ap_getpass.c ap_md5c.c o ap_sha1.c ap_slack.c ap_snprintf.c

And then give each (for ther AP_EXPORT() exported functions) their own
ap_XXX.h include file in the include/* directory.

To make sure that we do not have to work out which is used where, we
maintain the functionality of ap.h as a catch all.

I.e  collate these ap_*.h in ap.h by doing a sequence of

	#include "ap_base64.h"
	#include "ap_md5.h"
	#include  "ap_snprintf.h"

And then do a remove for all ap_md5.h and friends in
favour of the ap.h elsehwere.

Objections if I commit this on 2.0 ?


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