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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: APR'izing the mpm tree.
Date Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:32:58 GMT
>Sorry when I ask again, but was there now already consensus that the Apache
>2.0 source tree is apache-2.0/mpm/? I thought we still wanted a final decision
>by voting. At least I personally had appreciated when we start with a fresh
>respository and merge in the stuff from apache-2.0/mpm/...

I can do that in parallel by recreating the repository in my sandbox
(saving history for all the new files by copying directly from mpm)
and manually get it up to the merge point Manoj tagged, after which I
can catch up to you guys by replaying the mpm commitlog (with futzing).
I'll be able to do it this weekend (got a workshop here on Thur-Fri).
So, just go ahead and work on mpm, and we can decide which repository
to use later.

One thing which would be helpful is to identify those files that we
do not want to carry forward into 2.0.  Like, do we really want all of
the icons, or just the small ones?  Likewise, getting autoconf running
for the mpm tree would be good, since that obsoletes a bunch of other
files.  The fewer deleted files in the Attic, the faster cvsup will be,
and we can always grab them from 1.3 if we find a need for them later.


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