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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Where to start the Apache 2.0 code base
Date Tue, 03 Aug 1999 20:18:43 GMT
>Here is what is bugging me... You seem to be advocating continuing work
>on apache-mpm, then at some point, merging apache-mpm with apache-1.3.8
>to create Apache-2.0. It seems a complete waste to time to keep
>enhancing apache-mpm if we are going to use apache 1.3.8 as the base.
>The further apache-mpm diverges from it's origins, the more difficult it
>will be to merge those changes into the apache 1.3.8 base in a way that
>maintains meaningful history. Especially the APR changes. If you do not
>agree, please explain how you propose to do it because I don't
>understand. IMHO, if we are going to base Apache-2.0 on Apache-1.3.8, we
>need to do it NOW.
>I'll attempt to restate the essence of what I think you are advocating.
>Correct me if I miss the point...
>1. Copy Apache 1.3.8 into the top level Apache 2.0 repository
>2. Tag the Apache 1.3.8 repository to identify the point the copy was
>made. Apache 1.3.8 will no doubt be tweaked a few more times, perhaps to
>1.3.9 or whatever...
>3. Reversion all the Apache 2.0 files to 1.1

That would be goofy.  This is what I proposed, listed in parallel so
that you can see that both can occur in parallel:

        mpm repository            scratch repository
        =====================     ========================
   1.   merge in all work      1. cvs export 1.3.8
   2.   move files to final    2. move files so that the old files
        locations for dists       correspond to their final loc in mpm
   3.   continue hacking       3. cvs add all to form rev 1.1 == 1.3.8
   4.   tag as merge point     4. tag as APACHE_1_3_8_moved
   5.   continue hacking       5. diff -r APACHE_1_3_8_moved mpm_merge_point
   6.   identify diffs from scratch as change sets
                               7. merge diffs as complete change sets
   8.   move mpm to archive    8. merge changes after mpm merge point
                               9. move scratch rcs files to 2.0 directory

There is no reason to change the 1.3.x repository, and no reason to keep
the pre 1.3.8 history in the new repository.  The only history we are
keeping is the set of successful changes resulting from mpm, pthreads,
apr, and hooks.

This is not a waste of time.  At a minimum, it will provide a single
instance of code review that has been sorely lacking (for good reason)
from the experiments.  Most likely, it will identify a host of bugs and
forgotten bits that need to be updated.


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