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From Greg Marr <>
Subject Re: Win32 Install Paths
Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 19:59:41 GMT
At 03:37 PM 8/10/99 , Joseph wrote:
>Can you just not put anything in the registry at all?

No.  Windows NT service entries need to be put in the registry.

>The registry is a very evil thing and great lengths should be taken 
>to avoid it whenever practical.

I must disagree.  However, this reeks of a religious debate, and so I 
will not discuss it further.

>With Apache being a cross-platform project, wouldn't it make more 
>sense to do as much as practical in a cross-platform fashion?

Yes.  As much as practical has been done.  99.999% of the 
configuration is done in text files.

>What other platforms have a registry?

OS/2 (I've heard)

>Also, paths that do not conform to 8.3 naming often cause 
>problems.  Sure the problems are mostly with M.S. programs (like 
>installers, etc), but there are tools and what-nots that do not like 
>paths not conforming to 8.3 naming.

If you use tools like this, then install it in a path that uses 8.3 
naming.  Let the rest of the world keep progressing.  (There hasn't 
been an OS released in the last four years, that I know of, that 
restricts file names to 8.3).

>Also, who wants to have to type all of that in every time they 
>happen to need to type in a path?  That name is very (very very very 
>very) long and consumes much horizontal space - is that really 
>necessary??  It will be a nuisance with Explorer, etc. and part(s) 
>of it will simply not be visible in text areas that display path 
>names in some programs.

If you find it a pain, don't use it.

>Perhaps you are trying to be cute?

No, the recommended default for program installation locations is 
\Program Files\<Company Name>\<Program Name>\.

>Also, are you saying automatically put it there (or in some more 
>practical directory) no matter, or would there be an option to 
>install it where ever the user chooses?

This is the default directory used by the install program.  The user 
has a chance to change it if they so desire.

>There really has to be an option - stuffing programs on somebodies C 
>drive without choice is a very evil thing do to them.  For one 
>reason, it is a common design to have the C volume be very small, 
>and place applications, etc on other volumes that are designed to 
>have applications.  Such designs can have numerous advantages, and 
>inflicting a person who has smartly designed their computer with a 
>small C drive is really not nice at all.

That's why I change the path to another drive when I install 
it.  However, C is pretty much the only drive that can be guaranteed 
to be available.  Many machines only have one drive.

Greg Marr
"We thought you were dead."
"I was, but I'm better now." - Sheridan, "The Summoning"

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