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From Joseph <>
Subject RE: Win32 Install Paths
Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:03:55 GMT
At 02:46 PM 8/10/99 -0500, Randy Terbush wrote:
> >
> > Can you just not put anything in the registry at all?  The
> > registry is a
> > very evil thing and great lengths should be taken to avoid
> > it whenever
> > practical.  With Apache being a cross-platform project,
> > wouldn't it make
> > more sense to do as much as practical in a cross-platform
> > fashion?  What
> > other platforms have a registry?
> >
> > Also, paths that do not conform to 8.3 naming often cause
> > problems.  Sure
> > the problems are mostly with M.S. programs (like
> > installers, etc), but
> > there are tools and what-nots that do not like paths not
> > conforming to 8.3
> > naming.  Also, who wants to have to type all of that in
> > every time they
> > happen to need to type in a path?  That name is very (very
> > very very very)
> > long and consumes much horizontal space - is that really
> > necessary??  It
> > will be a nuisance with Explorer, etc. and part(s) of it
> > will simply not be
> > visible in text areas that display path names in some programs.
>Try as you might, fighting against conventions for that platform is
>not practical. I don't like it any more than you do, but don't see a
>reason to fight it.

Fight what?  What convention?  There is no "convention" to put meaningless 
stuff into the registry.  People simply do it because they don't know any 
better, and some of them are learning-resistant.

What about conventions for the project?  I'm far from expert, but I have a 
hunch it is not convention for Apache to stuff things into the registry on 
any high percentage of the various platforms supported.  Of course one 
reason being that essentially no other platforms have a registry to speak 
of.  So if all of those other platforms do just fine without a registry, 
what is the reasoning to use the registry on Win32?

Is there actually any good reason to stuff things into the registry, or are 
you doing it because... well, what?

Several months ago, I posted a fairly detailed explanation of numerous 
reasons to avoid the registry.  If it would help, I'll see if I can did it 
out and post it again.

> >
> > Perhaps you are trying to be cute?  I would recommend you
> > try really hard
> > to be practical instead.
>Don't be a smart ass.

I am NOT being "smart".  I genuinely thought that perhaps you were trying 
to be cute since the idea of having such a long name does not seem to have 
much reasoning behind it.

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