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From "Michael H. Voase" <>
Subject Re: Why bother with APR?
Date Sat, 28 Aug 1999 14:59:58 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

> I would also like to get some feedback here.  It was always assumed, that
> APR would do most of the allocation.  If people would rather leave memory
> allocation/management out of APR, and have the user allocate any memory
> and passs that into APR, and have APR use malloc when necessary, please
> say so this weekend.  I would like to have APR back to a usable state on
> Monday.
> Ryan

	I do have a segestion, but it is relative to
how usefull it may seem to you. When I was confused 
about the purpose of APR, I did'nt see why pools would
be included in a portability layer. Of course as I later
found out, it must be there to support existing apache

	In light of that fact, it still stirkes me that 
there is a lot of excellent work in the cross platform
dept. that would be really nice to have for general
application programming. Hence why me reply after putting
the paper bag on was 'could I fork off another library?'. This
is a rediculous proposition since one would be maintaining
two specific libs instead of one well designed lib that
could be used for both purposes.

	So instead, how about splitting APR out into two
libraries such that the feature set of APR ( md5, pools,
contexts etc) sits on top of a general purpose cross platform
lib? At this stage it wouldnt be a huge effort since the
bulk of the apache feature set is in sperate code to the
actual cp parts. Add to that, it could be done as a low priority
background task that would be completely transparent to
current APRizing effort.

	Anyways, I must credit you sir, you have done a bloddy
good job of apr. I must appologise if I have caused you in any
way to feel that there is no future for apr. As it stands, the
structure of APR does lend itself well to both jobs and it will
have a firm place in the Apache web server, as well as many
other projects to come.
Cheers Mik.	

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