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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: v1.3.9 - runtime problem under Solaris v2.6
Date Wed, 25 Aug 1999 14:28:32 GMT
Cliff Skolnick wrote:

> 1) Be sure the gcc was compiled on your exact OS, this is especially true
> for pre 2.8.1.  Sure it may compile hello_world.c, but anything with dynamic
> linking has a higher chance of failing.

GCC came from and worked perfectly until very recently
when this problem started.

> 2) Make sure you are using both the sun assembler and the sun linker.  I've
> been bitten by this in the past.  In fact if you are compiling GCC yourself,
> recompile with the sun linker and assembler.

I am assuming the sun assembler and sun linker are as and ld
respectively in /usr/ccs/bin? I have removed /opt/local/bin from the
path, /usr/ucb/bin has never been in the path. It's made no difference.

> 3) Try switching to precompiled versions of the GCC compiler if you think
> perhaps you are having problems building GCC.  I've had luck with packges
> found at:

Already using this.

> 4) Try using the try and buy compilers which can be downloaded from sun with
> a 1 month license.  If this works you can buy this or keep trying to get a
> working GCC enviornment going - you will have a month. :)

I'm looking for a permanent solution, I already have another Solaris
v2.6 system where things still work which I can use to kludge a solution
in the meantime.

> 5) Start checking your system for damage/modifications of system libraries.
> Consider a reload of the operating system if anything strange is found.


The error is occuring when Apache tries to load it's DSO's, not when
Apache originally starts up. Is there something weird on Solaris v2.6
that would cause this?

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