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From Vincent Janelle <>
Subject Re: general/4809: It would be nice if Apache could write compressedlogfiles.
Date Sun, 08 Aug 1999 08:35:12 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > > Trivial to do by linking in zlib.
> >
> > Doing so would also allow us to do the compression-on-the-fly
> > content delivery people have requested.  No?
> Correct.  zlib gives you all the standard file io functions like gzopen,
> gzclose, gzread, gzwrite, gzeof, etc.
> -Rasmus

So, how would this be done though?  A large site doing a lot of hits/sec
could end up spending most of its time just compressing log files.

I still like the idea of a logging process, perhaps something that could
be centerally managed, but I should probably try to write one before
asking for one =)
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