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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: [Patch]: PR 3454, PR 3019. .htaccess ignored in <Directory ~ "reg-ex"> directories.
Date Thu, 05 Aug 1999 18:40:11 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Besides, it's documented that .htaccess are only applied while
> walking the tree for the non-regex directory sections.

I can't find that behaviour documented.  Even if it is, at
first blush I consider it broken -- if the only <Directory*>
container you *have* is a regex one, not processing .htaccess
files in matching directories is counterintuitive and (IMHO)

>                                                         And
> for both the PRs you mention they don't even need the regex,
> they can just use wildcard which works as expected (and is
> more efficient).

Yah, but that's a handwave.  I'm sure there are conditions in
which that's not the case.

> I would say the problem is that regex directory containers were ill
> thought out to begin with (given that this is like the umpteenth
> problem with them ;)

#ken    P-)}

Ken Coar                    <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/>
Apache Software Foundation  <>
"Apache Server for Dummies" <http://ASFD.MeepZor.Com/>

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