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From Ian Kallen <>
Subject Re: duplicate access_log entries
Date Tue, 03 Aug 1999 23:18:00 GMT
Bug? I think this is an undocumented feature ;)

It's safest to put your vhost specific directives (logging, redirects,
and what not) in virtualhost stanzas and not in the "main" server
config. Make your "main" server a virtualhost and you'll get the
expected results; make a screwy mix of "main" directives and vhost
directives and you end up some oddball behaviors when they merge.

Perhaps an explanation in the docs to accompany the  @ that includes the interaction
with vhost's would be in good.  I'll volunteer myself to write it up,
um, after the conference. :)

Michael Douglass wrote:
> I have a testbed apache server where I am testing out some different
> things that my company is going to start supporting.  (I won't
> mention what as it has something to do with M$--but anyway...)  I
> setup several named virtual hosts and I noticed that the access_log
> lines were being written twice.  I untarred 1.3.6 completely and rebuilt
> Apache from scratch and it still does the same thing.  Then I started to
> look and see if this had been a bug fixed in the up-and-coming 1.3.7 turned
> 1.3.8.  I could find nothing of the sort so I dug further.
> The virtual host definitions do not have their own access_log definitions;
> however I have found that if I do define an access_log in the virtualhost
> definition the entries are written to that file with only 1 entry per hit--
> versus the 2 entries.  I've not had time to sit down and figure this one
> out, nor am I probably going to as it doesn't directly affect any of my
> live servers.
> Thought you guys might like to know this if this is not a "known" bug (
> or a "fixed" bug at that).
> --
> Michael Douglass
> Texas Networking, Inc.
>   Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable for a feature.
>     -- from some indian guy

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