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From John Wojtowicz <>
Subject Re: v1.3.9 - runtime problem under Solaris v2.6
Date Wed, 25 Aug 1999 00:45:05 GMT
At 06:02 PM 8/24/99 +0200, you wrote:
>On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Graham Leggett wrote:
>> Should I be using only GNU tools? Only gcc + sun tools? Can anyone
>> explain to me what the problem could be?
>On solaris, either pure sun, and sun only, or GCC with sun assembler and
>linker. You can force the latter with the -B flag. Or else make sure
>/usr/ccs/bin is _before_ /usr/ucb.

This is odd because I'm running into an identical problem with 
Trusted Solaris 2.5.1, which is rumoured to have a Solaris 2.6 
based runtime linker.  I've tried compiling with GNU as and GNU ld, 
and with Sun as and Sun ld and I still run into the problem.
It could be "Just another Trusted Operating System problem".
I am using egcs-2.91.66, which also may very well be my problem.

Sorry for beating a dead horse...


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