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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@kiwi.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject new apache-2.0 repository is up and ready
Date Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:32:07 GMT
I have finished swapping the repositories.  The only product diffs
between the old apache-2.0 and the new one are that I moved the
mpm directory up to the top of the tree, moved the emacs-style
document down to src/docs, created a new src/CHANGES, deleted a
stupid Id line from src/support/ab.8, and replaced a truncated
mod_auth_digest with the real one from 1.3.9.  All other changes
should be invisible until you do a cvs log or diff between revisions.

Before continuing work in 2.0, you will need to either checkout
a new copy using

    umask 002
    cvs -d "" checkout apache-2.0

or manually edit your existing top-level apache-2.0/CVS/Entries
file to remove the old entries before updating.  This will
leave your current mpm directory as if it were a new (?) directory.
I recommend the first, fresh checkout in a separate directory approach.

To recover and migrate any local uncommitted changes you have made, try

   diff -r -xCVS apache-2.0 old_apache-2.0/mpm > patchfile

but be sure to remove the changes for emacs-style, src/CHANGES,
mod_auth_digest, and ab.8 before reapplying it to apache-2.0.

Files that appeared in 1.3.9 start with a revision tag of APACHE_1_3_9,
and all files contain the PRE_APR_CHANGES tag that Ryan applied.
All other tags are gone, or will be gone later when I strip them from
the copied RCS files.  Right now I desperately need some sleep.
Note that all new files have their complete history intact, or at least
as much as was in the old repository.

The old repository is in /home/fielding/moot/apache-2.0 for now.


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