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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@kiwi.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject repository status
Date Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:22:56 GMT
I am still plugging away at cleaning up the repository.  I ended up
using PRE_APR_CHANGES as the merge point because of the goop that
happened between merges that left a lot of junk files around.

New files are easy, since I can just copy the rcs file over from
the existing repository and not lose any history.  The hard part
has been dealing with all the changes that mpm inherited from the
pthreads stuff, many of which seem to be half finished or just
random experimentation.  Plus the occasional bug that slipped through
the cracks when the tree was incompletely merged with 1.3.x several times.

Dealing with this kind of branching on top of branched experiments
is a frickin disaster -- the next time someone feels like going hog wild
with a new idea, please PLEASE do it on a branch off of something that
we know works.


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