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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [Negotiation] How to get rid of a Content-Encoding: header?
Date Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:31:10 GMT
Hmmm. I have a multiview enabled server. I mirror apache_1.3.6.tar.gz
and  apache_1.3.6.tar.gz.asc with the following type and encoding settings:
  AddEncoding x-gzip gz
  <FilesMatch .*\.tar\.gz\.asc>
   Header unset Content-Encoding
  # For the ascii PGP signature files, display the key icon and Lynx prefix:
  AddAlt "KEY" .asc
  AddIcon /icons/new/key.gif  .asc

But no matter where in the configuration I add the
  AddModule mod_headers.c
(i.e., before or after mod_negotiation), I cannot remove the

  Content-Encoding: x-gzip

header line which is generated by mod_negotiation.
OTOH, at you seem to successfully suppress it in the
dist/ directory (or is that a "not multiview-enabled" directory?)

What is the "correct" way to suppress it (in a directory which
should allow multiviews because mod_autoindex pulls in HEADER and
README files)?

While I'm at it:
I tried to replace a "Content-Location:" header which was generated by
mod_negotiation by a
  Header add Content-Location "http://somewhere.else/"
While this is obviously wrong, so was mod_headers' output: it left the
original Content-Location header in there, and added
  Content-Location "http://somewhere.else/" _twice_. Changing to
  Header set Content-Location "http://somewhere.else/"
still left the original Content-Location header in there, and added
  Content-Location "http://somewhere.else/" once.

How can that be, when mod_negotiation uses ap_table_setn():
    ap_table_setn(r->err_headers_out, "Content-Location",
                  ap_pstrdup(r->pool, variant->file_name));

and so does mod_headers:
        case hdr_set:
            ap_table_setn(r->headers_out, hdr->header, hdr->value);

Ah! I see the point: One writes to err_headers_out, the other one
writes to headers_out!!! Okay, then which one is "the right one",
and ahould we update mod_headers to "unset" headers in both tables?

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