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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [BUG] 1.3.8 broke mod_speling
Date Thu, 12 Aug 1999 12:45:52 GMT
Oops! Will we need a 1.3.9 after all?

* The recent "Vary" header fixes broke mod_speling output.
  When a list of alternatives is returned with a "300 Multiple Choices"
  code, Apache returns an internal error:
    [Thu Aug 12 14:21:47 1999] [error] [client] resource created \
	or redirection requested (status=300) but no Location field set \
  This message is caused by this test in http_protocol.c...

        if (ap_is_HTTP_REDIRECT(status) || (status == HTTP_CREATED)) {
	    if ((location != NULL) && *location) {
		ap_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Location", location);
	    else {
		 * We're supposed to tell the client to go somewhere,
		 * but the destination was omitted.  Turn this into
		 * a 500 status with an explanatory note in the error log.
		              "resource created or redirection requested "
			      "(status=%03d) but no Location field set "
			      r->status, r->unparsed_uri);

  ..but in a "300 Multiple Choices" response, there's no Location header
  because there are multiple choices, the preference of which has to be
  decided by the (human) user, not by the server. So this test is wrong,

* "make install" does copy the expat-lite header files, but forgets to
  "chmod 644" them

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