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From "Life is hard, and then you die." <>
Subject Re: Slight problem with 1.3.8 for AIX
Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 16:03:32 GMT

Bill Stoddard wrote:
> Added the exports and ran 
> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/apache -enable-shared=max -enable-modules=most
> and now I am seeing the following failure (using xlC). 
>    o digest_auth_module uses ConfigStart/End
>       (mod_auth_digest) using truerand library for the random seed
>  + using -lld for vendor DSO support
>  + checking sizeof various data types
>  + doing sanity check on compiler and options
> ** A test compilation with your Makefile configuration
> ** failed. This is most likely because your C compiler
> ** is not ANSI. Apache requires an ANSI C Compiler, such
> ** as gcc. The above error message from your compiler
> ** will also provide a clue.
> Not too many clues point to what failed, but it is related to the
> auth_digest module. I don't see the problem if I add
> --disable-module=auth_digest. Yack, could it be AIX does not have a
> random number generator facility?

There is a warning in the Configuration.tmpl that you might need the
truerand library if your platform doesn't have /dev/random or similar.
If you don't have either, the configure will fail because it seems
to pick up the -L... and -lrand from the module's ConfigStart/End and
try to do something with it. So, either disable mod_auth_digest (and
I agree, -enable-modules=most should probably not include experimental)
or set up the truerand library on the system (the url to get it from is
in the Configuration.tmpl file).

Hmm, haven't used configure, so I guess I was assuming people would
look at Configure when they uncomment the module and therefore they
would see the notes. Is there any way to to cause configure to spit out
a warning? Or should one be put in the ConfigStart/End section?

When we bundle truerand with Apache things will be easier...



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