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From "Bill Jones" <>
Subject Re: Passing passwords to CGI
Date Wed, 04 Aug 1999 15:00:21 GMT

>> The name of this POST variable would be configurable so it didn't clash
>> with any existing variables in CGI.
>> Is this a good idea? If so, I'll try get it to work.
> First, I'd look to see if the whole thing could not be dong with some kind of
> authorization handler in mod_perl... I don't know how it would pass
> on to the cgi-script, but if you did everything on mod_perl, then you might
> even need to.

We use an in-house mod_perl script to authenticate to another server;
basic authentication was abandoned long ago for 'secure' needs...

Even then, we only do https connections and the other tcp/ip channel is an
SSH forwarded port.

-Sneex-  :]

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