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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Re: Chunking static data?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:35:22 GMT
In message <>,
  Rasmus Lerdorf <> writes:
>Right, but without a content-length chunking is needed to have some sort
>of assurance that the data sent is delivered.  Whether the data is static
>or dynamic is not really relevant.

The way I read the original question, there was some sort of problem
with the specific combination of static data and chunked transfer (e.g.
proxy servers saving the response properly in the cache).  I was trying to 
emphasize that there are valid reasons static data may be chunked so the
problem must be resolved with cache server and not the origin server.

Speaking of chunked transfer, PR 4716 is still open. That's the one
where buff.c makes an invalid chunk if a module tries a write larger
than 4095 bytes (area set aside for chunk header overflows).

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