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From Dave Jones <>
Subject Re: Chunking static data?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:59:01 GMT
In message <Pine.GSO.4.05.9908111223350.26949-100000@elaine37.Stanford.EDU>,
   Alexei Kosut <akosut@leland.Stanford.EDU> writes:
>On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Ryan Bloom wrote:
>> It seems that at times, we are chunking static data.  I know that the
>> current homepage is being chunked, but I didn't see any
>> reason it should be.  Of course, it was a really quick scan. 
> isn't static, it's parsed by mod_include. It only looks
>static. IIRC, Apache chunks pretty much anything without a content-length.

That a module fails to produce a content-length does not mean the
data is not static, just that it couldn't determine a priori from the
inputs what the returned content length will be.

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