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From "Christian ALT" <>
Subject header check in proxy module
Date Mon, 02 Aug 1999 22:03:50 GMT
Hi all,

we are facing the following problem. We have a database interfaced with a web server on our
Intranet. We access this server through the reverse proxy used with apache 1.3.6. The intranet
server is sending us back a wrong status line. That is to say that the header line lokks like
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
this looks good, but we have two spaces between minor and code HTTP/1.0 SP SP 200 SP OK. The
result is that Apache does think that the header is wrong and does not interpret any further.
It will then place its own header, which defaults to text/html. This is especially annoying
with pictures.

Now I know that the application is doing something wrong. Unfortunatly we cannot change the
intranet application, so I will need to patch the apache code. This is the first code correction
I have to do,. I had a look at the proxy source, but I'm not sure of which procedure to correct,
so could anyone oint me to the correct procedure or file where to test the hack.

I saw a procedure called ap_checkmask() is this the correct place ?

        Christian ALT

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