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From "David Harris" <>
Subject RE: Memory leak in 1.3.6 (status?)
Date Fri, 06 Aug 1999 13:26:42 GMT

David Harris wrote:
> Here's a patch that solves the memory leak I reported. I think this is
> the right way to do it. We just have to make sure that ap_upload_module
> is called for _all_ of the modules all together. This is the case with
> mod_so, so things are okay.
> Aram, you've verified the leak and have been working with me on this..
> do you think we can get this committed?

What's the status on this? Aram, I thought you verified that the total_modules
was being incremented wrongly and that the patch fixes it. Anybody else look at
it? Can we get a review and a yes/no answer on this patch before the code

 - David Harris
   Principal Engineer, DRH Internet Services

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