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From "Randy Terbush" <>
Subject RE: Win32 Install Paths
Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 19:46:26 GMT
> Can you just not put anything in the registry at all?  The
> registry is a
> very evil thing and great lengths should be taken to avoid
> it whenever
> practical.  With Apache being a cross-platform project,
> wouldn't it make
> more sense to do as much as practical in a cross-platform
> fashion?  What
> other platforms have a registry?
> Also, paths that do not conform to 8.3 naming often cause
> problems.  Sure
> the problems are mostly with M.S. programs (like
> installers, etc), but
> there are tools and what-nots that do not like paths not
> conforming to 8.3
> naming.  Also, who wants to have to type all of that in
> every time they
> happen to need to type in a path?  That name is very (very
> very very very)
> long and consumes much horizontal space - is that really
> necessary??  It
> will be a nuisance with Explorer, etc. and part(s) of it
> will simply not be
> visible in text areas that display path names in some programs.

Try as you might, fighting against conventions for that platform is
not practical. I don't like it any more than you do, but don't see a
reason to fight it.

> Perhaps you are trying to be cute?  I would recommend you
> try really hard
> to be practical instead.

Don't be a smart ass.  I'm following some given conventions. The
current layout for our distributions are:

\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache

The above does not fit into the future of this group given the name
change and possible other "Apache" software projects that will go
under that directory.

I like Ryan Bloom's suggestion and will head in that direction.

> Also, are you saying automatically put it there (or in some
> more practical
> directory) no matter, or would there be an option to
> install it where ever
> the user chooses?  There really has to be an option -
> stuffing programs on
> somebodies C drive without choice is a very evil thing do
> to them.  For one
> reason, it is a common design to have the C volume be very
> small, and place
> applications, etc on other volumes that are designed to have
> applications.  Such designs can have numerous advantages,
> and inflicting a
> person who has smartly designed their computer with a small
> C drive is
> really not nice at all.
> At 01:59 PM 8/10/99 -0500, Randy Terbush wrote:
> >As I pull the last pieces of this Win32 installer
> together, do we want
> >to consider the following new paths for files and registry
> entries to
> >reflect recent changes in this project? (barf bags ready)
> >
> >\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache Web Server\

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