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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Solution for weird DSO issues
Date Fri, 23 Jul 1999 14:07:38 GMT
> > >> So, before we release Apache-1.3.7, I'd like to tweak apxs to use gcc
> > >> -shared instead of ld -Bshareable on systems where we build with gcc unles
> > >> someone objects.  Or Ralf, if you are listening, do you want to do it?
> > `ld -Bshareable' will NOT produce the same result as `gcc -shared'.
> > `ld -Bshareable' produce static binaries while `gcc -shared' will produce
> > dynamic binaries... At least with GLibC 2.1 ...
> Just a reference point, not all gcc (egcs) systems use glibc ...
> OpenBSD for example uses an old GNU-ld based linker, but with some
> hacks. It should be used (AFAIK) instead of gcc -shared.

Hrm..  This is getting complex.  How are we supposed to determine whether
to use gcc -shared or ld -Bshareable then?  Has anybody run across a
decent check for this?  It isn't something we can just gloss over here.
DSOs built with ld -Bshareable on glibc-2.1 systems are unstable.


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