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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Front end needs some work
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 18:16:20 GMT
> You guys have a current thread going called FUD which
> is wrestling with the idea that Microsoft ( and others ) stand
> a good chance of beating the crap out you and you're wondering
> why and blaming it on Microsoft's 'bad behavior'.

You may want to note that not a single Apache Group (or ASF as I guess it
is now called) member has contributed to that thread other than Ben Hyde
asking that it go away.  So the "You Guys" statement is rather misleading.
In the spirit of openness anybody can join and post to the list and using
posts from random people to back up an argument makes very little sense.

Basically the rest of your post hinges on the argument that the entire
goal is to take on M$ and that there is paranoia about someone catching
up.  Of course everyone has different motivations, but that particular one
ranks pretty low on my list of motivations and I know for a fact that many
others involved in Apache related development feel the same.  

My personal prime motivation is to play with cool things that interest me.
The fact that lots of people choose to use what I find cool is
interesting, but not a real driving factor for me and as for M$, apart
from finding them annoying occasionally, I couldn't care less what they do
or think.

And no, this is not an Apache Group stance on anything.  Just personal
opinion from someone who isn't actually a member of the group.


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