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From Ask Bjoern Hansen <>
Subject Re: Front end needs some work
Date Fri, 02 Jul 1999 00:03:57 GMT
On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 wrote:

> Could someone please get this condescending, Erm... asshole
> off the front-end? Put him in the back checking for APR buffer
> overwrites or something.

Do we have a volunteer here, or do you just make noise?

> You too.. Randy... example...
> >Not acked. Seems he may be smoking something...

That was to the "internal" developers list; a quick way of saying:
"Wondering what he's really talking about, it's not exactly easy to
guess from his mail". That's how "internal forums" works (and should

A few other points: 

 o) Apache have users, not customers. RedHat, IBM, Apple etc have
 o) Marc does a great job helping people.
 o) The people who decide what's in Apache and what's not is very very
    clueful, and it's absolutely the exception that a rejection of
    some change isn't because of good technical reasons.
 o) You're free to distribute your changes if you want.
 o) The bugdb is not "the frontend".
 o) Marc is not the only person answering bugdb input
 o) Apache is not a GNU project.
 o) With limited developertime, what's most important: 1) Improving
    Apache or 2) Helping users with problems even when it's not
    helping Apache. (I wouldn't put 2 cents on the guy Marc replied
    would be able to help if there really is a problem, even if Marc
    or someone else would spend hours writing nice instructions for
    reading the errorlog or whatever and trying to help him helping

I really think the "New Problem Report form" should include some text
like what we have in the mod_perl SUPPORT document 

( - "Homework - Make
sure to read the FAQ", "Start the httpd with -X", "Check the
errorlog", "Include all relevant information, usually including X, Y,
Z and birthdate", "Remember to include enough information so we can
recreate the problem; can you make a small test case?", "Can you get a
backtrace (if httpd is dumping core) - see X for how to make the
backtrace", "If you don't give us this information we can't help you
helping us", etc...)

 - ask

ask bjoern hansen - <>
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