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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Front end needs some work
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 17:58:40 GMT
Wow, I didn't know I had customers!

Neato!  Where's that paycheque?


On Thu, 1 Jul 1999 wrote:

> In a message dated 99-07-01 11:32:27 EDT, marc writes:
> > State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
> > State-Changed-By:
> > State-Changed-When: Thu Jul  1 08:31:47 PDT 1999
> > State-Changed-Why:
> > Erm... can you be any less specific?  "an error message"
> > Error messages have meanings if you read what they say.
> Could someone please get this condescending, Erm... asshole
> off the front-end? Put him in the back checking for APR buffer
> overwrites or something.
> You too.. Randy... example...
> >Not acked. Seems he may be smoking something...
> ( Perfectly obvious this guy just needed a ping to tell him to )
> ( check his inetd buffer defaults on the various servers )
> You guys have a current thread going called FUD which
> is wrestling with the idea that Microsoft ( and others ) stand
> a good chance of beating the crap out you and you're wondering
> why and blaming it on Microsoft's 'bad behavior'.
> If the shoe fits... wear it.
> There is something called 'good support', you know.
> It means something 'out there'.
> And yes... sorry guys... that means you are
> supposed to be polite even if you are laughing
> behind your customer's backs.
> If you are seriously thinking of taking on Microsoft
> then put some people who know how to take
> support calls on the front end. 
> The new-bug reports are not a 'flood'... sometimes
> none come in for days... at worst after a new
> release it's only a dozen or so a day and this
> is no reason to pull the 'we don't have time for
> idiots argument' as is done so often here.
> There is no reason to take a flamethrower to just
> about anyone who tries to report a problem.
> Bill Stoddard is usually very polite and IBM has
> a stake in all this, right? Why not let Stoddard
> be the 'front end'? At least he has some manners.
> Isn't that one of the reasons IBM put a 'cushion'
> in... so they could 'shield' their serious customers
> from having to deal with Apache directly? Doesn't
> that tell you something?
> 'Were there any relevant errors in the logs'
> is superior to
> 'You dumb-shit... can't you read'?.
> Even as a CTO I do still do support every day, 
> all day sometimes. No, it isn't 'fun'... it's real work.
> I'm just tired of hearing the paranioa from you
> guys about people 'catching up' to you and you
> all stumbling for reasons why. A lot of the reasons
> are right in front of your eyes.
> That's it. That's all I had to say.
> I really am trying to be helpful here but I doubt
> anyone there ( maybe Brian ) will pick up on that.
> Fire retardant keyboard now installed so go ahead
> and fire away like you all do so well.
> Kevin Kiley
> CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.

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