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From Spidaman The Defenestrator <>
Subject you know you're a geek when
Date Thu, 08 Jul 1999 07:27:09 GMT wake up and you want to configure your Apache servers from piped
input.  In a similar manner to saying
I'd like to be able to have my httpd.conf just be
which would make managing _clusters_ of Apache servers greatly simplified.
/path/to/configuration/output could be simply

cat /some/httpd.conf

but a more powerful use would be a simple Perl script to fetch the
configuration parameters from a database.  Managing the cluster via a form
interface and mod_perl or PHP would be a snap.  Of course, some kind of
corba thing or something to HUP the servers upon a new database commit
would still be needed.  Anyway, it beats managing cluster configurations
with rdist or rsync, IMO.

Has any of this already been discussed for Apache 2.0 and I missed it?  I
really _should_ go back to bed now.  My hot cocoa is ready.

Salon Internet
  HTTP mechanic, Perl diver, Mebwaster, Some of the above
Ian Kallen <> / AIM: iankallen / Fax: (561) 619-0995

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