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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Mirror sites and geographic location...
Date Sun, 04 Jul 1999 18:30:45 GMT

> Would you mind categorizing your mirror sites according to geographic
> location? A long list of URLs doesn't actually tell me which site is
> closest. Yes, I know that geographic proximity does equal network proximity,
> but at least a general indicator of Countries and Regions would be nice
> (USA - West Coast; USA - Midwest; USA - East Coast; Canada; etc.).

They are already categorized by country (yes, there is the perhaps
mistaken assumption that [.com,.net,.org] = .us).  Categorizing further
would be a bear to maintain, since network proximity is so variant over
time.  If a mirror site wants to let us know about its
location/connectivity, though, we do have a field for that in the DB.


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