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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: REMOTE_* w/ ProxyPass
Date Thu, 01 Jul 1999 19:42:49 GMT
Dean Gaudet <> wrote:
>Yeah squid works with any server; I just think it has some extra headers
>it can insert when forwarding requests in a "reverse proxy" situation. 

Squid already produces an X-Forwarded-For: header which contains the
client's IP address (unless you turn it off). (If the request is piped
through a chain of more than one Squid then the X-Forwarded-For:
header will contain a record of the chain -- see posts to Usenet from
DejaNews which uses Squid accelerators.) All Apache needs is an option
to make it fake up REMOTE_* from this header. Accelerated virtual
hosting would also benefit from modifying Squid to add an
X-Server-Addr: header from which Apache can fake up SERVER_*.

There is a slight problem, though: accelerators are allowed to pipe
requests from multiple clients down the same connection, but Apache
assumes that the client information is static for a given connection.
Confusion between request_rec and conn_rec raises its ugly head again.

This is on my list of things to do when it needs to be done, but I
doubt that time will come for a few months yet unless someone else
wants the same thing.

Winner, International Obfuscated C Code Competition 1998

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