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From "Khimenko Victor" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 STATUS
Date Wed, 07 Jul 1999 19:17:59 GMT
7-Jul-99 20:37 you wrote:

RE> In article <> you wrote:
>> wrote:
>>>         Veto EAPI for 1.3.7 (too much confusion and controversy, esp.
>>>         with the KEAPI alternative); defer it until the next release.
>>>         Also note some platforms I can build.
>> Note that I am introducing further confusion by replacing the entire
>> module callback API with hooks in MPM.
>> There are various reasons I haven't used either EAPI or KEAPI but here's
>> the highlights:
>> a) efficiency
>> b) 100% typesafeness
>> c) entanglement with SSL (in at least KEAPI's case)
>> d) somewhat different motivation: I want to replace the whole callback
>> API and allow protocol independence
>> e) I need a way to allow modules to specify ordering, which (AFAIK)
>> neither EAPI or KEAPI had
>> f) The first great virtue of a programmer, laziness: as has been
>> observed, writing the hooking stuff isn't that hard. It was easier for
>> me to start again than to figure out how to hack things to get where I
>> want to go.
>> g) I was kind of hoping that people might contribute if I do it a piece
>> at a time, thus getting something everyone is happy with.

RE> <grin> Oh... Ben! When you had done EAPI and I would do what you do here I'm
RE> sure you had killed me for my actions, right? Especially because except for
RE> point b) [which cannot be done in EAPI at the same time while one tries to
RE> provide DSO support] and e) [which can be added without pain to EAPI] you
RE> mainly reinvent the wheel IMHO. But ok, as long as it makes you and the others
RE> happy, I'll force me to have no objections...

EAPI is not effective enough to complete replace entire module callbacks API.
KEAPI is though. About b) ... You can provide typesafety and DSO with separate
compilation support with hooks API (KEAPI is almost doing it). Just not at the
same time...

>> I invite interested parties to look at what I'm doing in MPM before its
>> too late.

RE> I personally had appreciated that you first looked at EAPI or KEAPI and tried
RE> to add your features there, before you started to write something new, of
RE> course. At least please let your stuff work in a loosly coupled way under DSO
RE> situation, too. That's important...

Yes, loosly compling under DSO is important. About effectivenes... I'm not sure
if it's possible to do something where hook call is faster then in KEAPI, but
I can be wrong, of course...

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