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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Apache 2000, err Apache 2.0 gets real
Date Thu, 29 Jul 1999 21:08:07 GMT
With the release of Apache 1.3.7, it's time to turn our attention to
Apache 2.0. There's been a lot of good stuff going on in the apr and mpm
sandbox repositories. I've been doing a lot of sandbox work with Win32
Apache as well (AcceptEx, TransmitFile, reliable piped-log support,
etc.). It's hard to get beyond the hacking code/prototyping stage
without a real repository (one destined to be released) to work in. 

It's time to create Apache 2.0 and begin working on our first

Dean, I and others have floated some strawman proposals for Apache 2.0
around for several months now. Since we are nearing 1.3.7 release, here
it is again (basically the same as my earlier proposal, which I think
everyone pretty much agreed with):

Steps to an Apache 2.0 beta release:

1. Create a clean Apache 2.0 repository
	Move the mpm repository into a non Apache 2.0 tree. Move the
repository, rename it, whatever. How it's done is not important. We just
need a clean Apache-2.0 repository to begin work in.  Perhaps create a
new apache-sandbox repository and put both apache-apr and apache-mpm
into it. 

When: ASAP. AFAIK, Brian is the only person who has authority to do
this. Brian?

2. Seed/Populate Apache 2.0 repository
	This is the first of a multi step process to build the Apache 2.0 beta
release candidate. The repository is initially populated with a merge of
the Apache 1.3.7 release and the apache-apr repository. 

When: ASAP. Should take a day to complete. Manoj has volunteered. 

3. Begin APR'izing the Apache 2.0 repository

When: Ryan tells me he can get the initial work done in 2 or 3 weeks.
Much debugging follows. End of Aug?

4. Convert Apache 2.0 to use autoconf

When: ? I don't 'do' autoconf so I have no idea :-)

5. Hand merge select apache-mpm work into apache-2.0
	Specifically, add the mpm module restructure and the API hook work.

When: ? 

6. Polish, polish, polish
	The following mpms should work: pre-fork, winnt, pthread/hybrid.
	Debug the inevitible APR bugs. I have lots of confidence in the Unix
portion of the work. Not 		so much in the Win32 portion.

7. Beta release
	When it's ready but before the end of the year is certainly not
excessively aggressive, IMHO, given the content mentioned above. If we
start piling more in, well, the date just slips...

We've discussed a lot of this in the past. So do we need a vote on this
or can we start the work now?

Bill Stoddard

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