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From Tom Vogt>
Subject Re: small contrib
Date Mon, 26 Jul 1999 06:00:01 GMT
Randy Terbush wrote:
> How about adding another parameter that would allow setting a command
> for the post processing. Could be gzip, a log analyzer, etc. The hard
> coded path to /bin/gzip will not be portable.

I agree. I would like to set an optional parameter, with gzip as the

> Also, want to get fancy? Write a pid file and trap SIGUSR1 to tell it
> when to perform the rotation.

SIGHUP seems to be more of a "standard" for things like this to me, but
the precise signal is not a problem, I think. :)

yes, that would also be a nice addition.

about the hard-coded time: the main reason I do not use rotatelogs.c is
that I need new logfiles starting precisely when a new day begins. while
this is a hardcoded item, I think it is viable to do this, because many
things are done daily. in addition, starting a new logfile is putting
zero additional load on the server. delaying the post processing to a
later time might be asked for, however.

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