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From Keith Wannamaker <>
Subject apxs / aix
Date Tue, 20 Jul 1999 21:30:11 GMT
I have two problems building mod_dav with apxs on aix;
I'm not using --activate-module with configure, but instead calling
apxs to do the dav build after Apache has been installed.

1) the symbol export file is not created automatically by apxs, as it
would be with configure and an --activate-module
2) the substitution `echo $@|sed -e$:.exp:` to insert the name of
the symbol export file in the linker command line does not work since
apxs is doing the work, not make.

The dav makefile passes off the build work to apxs -c.

Is this a valid way to use apxs?
If so, thoughts on the best way to fix it?

Keith Wannamaker
IBM HTTP Server Development

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