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From "Michael H. Voase" <>
Subject Api mappings and such ( was AP vs APR )
Date Sat, 10 Jul 1999 05:37:09 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Jul 1999, Michael H. Voase wrote:
> >       Pth is one of the reasons I started looking
> > at this api mapping method . The issue that gets at me
> > is that pth wont provide any benefit to SMP boxen . Once
> > the scheduler starts , your stuck on one proccessor .
> It would be easy to write an mpm which spawned multiple processes, and
> used pth in each process.  That's what mpm is about.
> >       If you guys are going to put pth in apr then
> I don't know where ya got the idea we were putting pth in apr...
> Dean

	Arr ... phew . I was very concerned for
a while there . Many humble appologies , from
earlier correspondence I was under the mistaken
impression that pth was going into apr ...

Consider the api switching idea duly scrapped.
( I didnt like the idea of it either .. I just
thought I had no choice ;)

As for api mappings , I still contend that it would
be usefull for a couple of unrelated reasons . 
	The use of an api map and an
appropriate header bundled with an mpm module
would result in a thin api translation layer
that can define what libs the application is
using through the ap_* interface . This means
that the application no longer needs to be aware
of or directly connected to the underlying 
support libs it is actually using . 

This would be usefull for rounding out the
complete apache api so that there are no more
direct OS calls in the apache web server 
application . For those functions that are
(generally) consistent on most platforms ,
the macro could map such a function directly
to an OS system call and avoid the expense of
calling a wrapper function in apr . This
could compliment apr by handing back an
advantage to those platforms that are
particularly compliant with posix
standards .

Lastly as it stands , apache 2.0 comes very , very
close to an open ended , generalised application
framework . API mappings would come in handy for
people porting applications to the apache framework .

Cheers Mik Voase.

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