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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: environment patch
Date Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:12:33 GMT
Vincent Janelle wrote:
> Actually, although I don't want to mention some of the competetion ;)
> Roxen challenger does this already..
> An example.. lets see..
>   <a>
>     <int>5000</int>
>     <str>http</str>
>     <str>ANY</str>
>     <str></str>
>   </a>
> In this case, <a> is for the server connections.
> the first <int> is for the port to run on(
> if you want to see the roxen docs.. Included as a server setup)
> the <str>http</str> is what protocol to use.  In this case, http.  Other
> things like SSL3 are supported like..
>   <a>
>     <int>XXXXXX</int>
>     <str>ssl3</str>
>     <str>ANY</str>
>     <str>cert-file /usr/local/roxen/server/demo_certificate.pem
> </str>
>   </a>
> the ANY is the IP address directive... In this case, roxen opens port
> 5000 on all bound ips.

This is a total bastardization of the XML concepts :-)

Using the order of child elements to impute semantics is just Bad and
Wrong. Semantics should be defined by the element, with possible
tweaking via attributes (although I would discourage reliance on

While we may certainly be able to learn from some of Roxen's XML
configuration concepts, we can also learn (in this case) what *not* to

I do appreciate the pointer to Roxen, though. I'll have to follow up on


Greg Stein,

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