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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: environment patch
Date Thu, 08 Jul 1999 17:40:36 GMT
Scott Hess wrote:
> Does this tie into discussions about using XML for config files in the
> future?  XSL (or whatever they call it these days) strikes me as an
> excellent way to describe how to turn arbitrary clean and simple XML
> directives into hairy and complex XML directives...
> Lacking that, while I agree on the concept of just using a language (be it
> Perl, TCL, Python, or PHP's Zend) rather than inventing a new one, I'm less
> than comfortable with introducing multiple disparate syntaxes to solve these
> problems.  Even if XSL is deemed inappropriate, there are probably no end of
> XML-based scripting languages which might be used instead.

I hope we'll move towards an XML config syntax as an OPTION. XML isn't
as user-friendly as the current version, but it is *really* nice for
external tools and utilities. For example, Comanche could simply use an
XML parser to suck in the config, rather than duplicating Apache's
parsing mechanism (which is actually intertwined with modules'
specifications of how they interpret a given line!).

I've got some patches pending that will add some better XML handling
into Apache 1.3.7. mod_dav uses these, and I would hope that people
could use them as a basis for experimenting to find the best way to deal
with XML config. Some modules such as mod_php may even be able to use
them to simply XML handling for script writers.


Greg Stein,

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