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From Vincent Janelle <>
Subject Re: [ apache on microsoft]
Date Thu, 08 Jul 1999 10:18:11 GMT
And while serving documents that it hasn't cached yet....

Which means dynamic data and pages that have just been freshly put on
the server, or anything that retrives images from an SQL server, or
generates them on the fly, etc.

"R.J. Kraaij" wrote:
> > > Microsoft is getting lazy, not hosting their own service. Still, the
> > > fact that they didn't require NT/IIS as part of the deal is a pretty big
> > > deal.
> > Not necessarily, like in the case of Hotmail IIS might not be the
> > correct tool for the job. Apache has turned out to be the software of
> > choice for large or complicated webserver installations.
> Jups, and allthough iis was faster on statics pages, IIS is realy lacking
> speed when having ASP, or anyhting ike that, serverside dynamic build
> pages. starting at 5 times slower, up to a 1000 Times.
> So That's i think why they did that.
> Regards,
> Reinder Kraaij

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