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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Teched / maybe some interesting information
Date Wed, 07 Jul 1999 20:48:04 GMT
tser wrote:
> There was some bable also about WebDav, the new way of publishing files
> to a Webserver, insteed of using just Frontpage Server extensions. I
> didn't hear anybody saying that frontpage server extions (f/r 2000) will
> became availeble for any other product then iis.

IIS5 is the next version of their web server, which is also part of
Windows 2000. IIS5 contains complete DAV functionality (core pieces; the
extension specs are not finalized).

IIS4 will not see DAV capability, except through third-party solutions
(I believe DataChannel is doing this).

Microsoft wants to move towards DAV, and away from the FrontPage
extensions. To that end, IIS5 definitely contains DAV, but may not
bundle the FP extensions. I would hazard a guess, though, and say that
they *will* include FP Extensions simply because all those FrontPage
users still need it. FP 2000 doesn't do DAV just yet (there are
server-side FP features that don't fill well within the DAV model).

Nevertheless, Apache also has DAV support in the form of mod_dav
( The next release will occur just after
1.3.7 goes out the door. The mod_dav 1.0 final will occur several weeks
after that, I hope. Apache 2.0 will natively include DAV functionality.


Greg Stein,

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